2018 Vision Trip

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 February 1-14, 2018

In 2004, The Wellspring Foundation was only a dream birthed in the hearts of the Rwandan people, for an education that would transform their children and their country. Since then–and thanks to your partnership–this vision has become a reality. Our team of Rwandan trainers is actively improving the education of 93,000+ students in 71 Rwandan schools, and is continuing to expand our School Development Program through partnership with visionary leaders.

Next February, we invite you to come to the beautiful Rwanda to experience this transformation first hand!

During the Vision Trip we will be taking the time to understand Rwanda and engage with its people and the schools where we work. You will visit the Wellspring Academy, meet teachers and children in schools where we work, interact with key Rwandan leaders, get out and see the Land of a Thousands Hills, including beautiful Lake Kivu & Akagera National Park, and give your feedback on Wellspring’s vision for the future. In the process we believe you will see your own life transformed.

Check out our blog to learn about our 2017 Vision Trip participants’ experiences.

Basic Itinerary:

The purpose of the trip is to see transformation happen in our own lives as we engage with the Rwandan story and the vision for empowering a new generation through education.  The trip will be planned around meaningful engagement with Wellspring staff, the schools where we work, and the people we serve. Based in the capital city of Kigali, your time in Rwanda will include:

  • Evening dinners with stories from inspiring Rwandan leaders.

  • A trip to Azizi Life to experience a day in the life of rural Rwandans (learn more).

  • Visit to the Genocide Memorial (learn more).

  • Engagement with teachers and students at the Wellspring Academy (learn more).

  • Rwandan lunches with Wellspring Staff.

  • Visits with Wellspring Trainers to Rwandan schools to hear first-hand from the teachers, leaders, parents, and students we serve (learn more).

  • A trip to Akagera National Park to view Rwandan wildlife (learn more).

  • A day spent relaxing, vision casting, praying, and talking together about Wellspring’s future at beautiful Lake Kivu.

Optional Trip Extension:

Participants may choose to add a Trip Extension immediately following the core trip. These costs are not included in the core trip

  • See the Mountain Gorillas (approximately $2200 CAD).


The budget for the Wellspring Vision Trip is $4200 CAD per participant. This includes flights, accommodation (based on double occupancy), transportation, food, and related program costs, all booked by Wellspring.  This does not include optional extension trips, Rwandan visas, immunizations, medications and health insurance.

Wellspring reserves the right to cancel the trip.

Fundraising Deadlines

Important deadlines are as follows:

  • October 15, 2017 – $700 per member
  • November 1, 2017 – an additional $2000 per member
  • December 1, 2017 – an additional $1500 per member

The Fine Print

The budget for the Wellspring Vision Trip is $4200 CAD per member for the basic itinerary. This includes flights, accommodations (based on double occupancy), transportation, food, and related program costs, all booked by Wellspring. The basic itinerary does not include optional extension trips, Rwandan visas, immunizations, medications and health insurance.

Wellspring reserves the right to deny a person to participate at any time. This is highly unlikely but due to the nature of the trip possible reasons for denial could include personal issues, personal health challenges, lack of program finances, or any other reason deemed harmful to the team or to the participant. Wellspring leadership will process the decision with the individual.

Wellspring requires that the designated amount of funds be raised as per the deadline dates as stated above and on the registration form.

Wellspring is only responsible for participants during the actual core program. If the participant arrives earlier or stays later than the core dates they will have to make their own arrangements for food lodging and travel. Any cost incurred by the participant outside of the core trip will not be eligible to be receipted for tax purposes.

Contributions to the Vision Trip are considered to be donations and therefore cannot be returned for any reason. As a participant of the Vision Trip you, and other supporters, will be making a donation to the team funds required to meet the budget of the Vision Trip program. All donations must indicate that their contribution is for the Vision Trip Program. The Canada Revenue Agency rules state that, no charitable donations may be refunded for any reason. Please be aware of this as you manage and submit team support. It is important to remember that donors are not giving to specific trip participants, but rather to the Wellspring Program so that it may pursue it’s charitable purpose and objects.

Vision Trip Team

Trip Leaders:
Jeffery Komant – Wellspring Centre Director (Rwanda)
Kristie Voth – Public Engagement Coordinator (Canada)
Trip Administrator:
Kristie Voth – 604-371-2705 ext. 206


The registration deadline for our 2018 Vision Trip is October 15, 2017.